Fungsi Masjid,Muamalah, Ekonomi Islam


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Fungsi Masjid,Muamalah, Ekonomi Islam


The prosperity of the mosque is the duty of every Muslim. The mosque is often referred to by the community as the house of Allah SWT which functions to perform prayers for Muslims. This place of worship for Muslims is also often used for the teaching and learning process of Qur'anic education or the Koran. In the history of the development of Muslims, mosques are considered to have such an important role in the enforcement of Islam. The function of the mosque at the time of the Prophet was the same as Allah's command in the Qur'an. The mosque is the house of God which is not only a place for worship but also a social function. This means that the mosque is also a center of worship that broadly includes mu'amalah activities. Because the function of the mosque at the time of the Prophet was quite a lot, it is not uncommon to decline to this day. Muamalah is a human relationship in social interaction according to the Shari'a, because humans are social beings who cannot live independently. In relation to other humans, humans are limited by the Shari'a, which consists of rights and obligations. Furthermore, the interaction between humans will require an agreement for the common good. In a broad sense, mu'amalah is God's rule for humans to get along with other humans in interacting. Whereas in a special sense muamalah is a rule from Allah with other humans in terms of developing property.